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At Healing Pilates LA we focus on bringing your body back into balance. We offer specialized instruction with the emphasis on quality of movement over quantity of repetitions. The sessions are therapeutic and tailored to each individual. You are unique, so your pilates sessions should be as well!

Life stressors and injuries can throw us off balance and create tension. This leads to compensatory movement patterns. This is when certain muscles and joints are over or underused to make up for that which isn’t moving properly. Perpetuated over time this can lead to chronic pain, joint immobility, muscle stiffness, weakness, degeneration and injury.


At Healing Pilates LA we aim to bring balance to that which is out of balance.


At Healing Pilates LA we aim to bring peace back to the body.


But this doesn’t mean the sessions are “easy”. You will work hard according to your own level. You will get stronger, improve your posture and gain greater confidence in your body. You will leave feeling worked out, relaxed and better than how you walked in.


So whether you're recovering from an injury, finally want to get rid of those pesky body aches or looking to get in shape, Healing Pilates LA is the place for you! 


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise using precise, controlled, and focused movements incorporating the use of specific breath patterns, which are done both on a mat as well as utilizing specialized equipment. Some people compare it to yoga, however it is different in that Pilates is movement oriented, while yoga tends to be more pose oriented.

Pilates is great for:
* Core strengthening
* Improving flexibility
* Overall body strengthening/toning/firming
* Improving posture
* Injury rehab and prevention
* Improving bone density and joint health
* Improving balance and coordination
* Encouraging a positive sense of body awareness
* Promoting an overall sense of relaxation and well-being

​Pilates is also an excellent form of exercise for people with fibromyalgia, all types of arthritis and MS.


Meet the Instructor

Hi! I'm Carol Abney, owner of Healing Pilates LA. I've been helping people feel better through pilates since the year 2000. I have vast experience in the rehab arena, having taught at physical therapy and chiropractic clinics around LA for over 13 years. I've been seeing clients at my home studio since 2006.


I am a certified instructor through Body Arts and Sciences International and was taught directly by master teacher Rael Isacowitz. I hold a BA in Theatre from UC San Diego and a Masters in Dance from the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands.

My experience is varied. I've worked with all body-types and fitness levels including dancers, athletes, seniors and very de-conditioned people wanting to make a change in their physical health. I have also helped many people rehab after hip, knee and back surgery, as well as women recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Carol Abney - Pilates Instructor

Rates & Session Info

First Time Client intro SPECIAL $40

Single Session $80
5 Sessions $375
10 Sessions $700


Sessions are private lessons in my home studio.

Each session is  1 hour and is personalized to your unique needs. 



"If you are looking for a great Pilates instructor, look no further than Carol Abney. I have been working with Carol for about two and a half years. I first came to her in distress! I have lumbar disc disease, Fibromyalgia and had suffered from an allergic reaction to the lumbar nerve block that had affected all of my joints and muscles. I was very weak, especially on my right side, and had balance and mobility problems. In working with Carol, my strength, balance and mobility have improved a thousand fold. I feel twenty years younger. 

Carol gives you very concentrated attention. She is meticulous in seeing that your body is working in balance. She designs a program directed to your needs. She works with you with loving concern. I definitely would not be able to do all of the things I can do today without Carol’s avid attention to overcoming my issues.  

She is a healing Angel!"

Marilyn Roberts Chatem, Highland Park

"Carol Abney has been our Pilates instructor for about 9 years. My husband and I decided to start Pilates to help maintain our strength and flexibility, important factors for anyone but especially senior citizens. As we both have arthritis issues (and a few prosthetic parts), we wanted a teacher who would work within our limitations, but also challenge us. Carol understands all of this!  We are very fortunate to have found her. Carol is a true professional, but very patient and caring. She understands the working of the body and she adapts our sessions as necessary, but we get a complete workout every time. Both my husband and I are pleased with our continuing progress, and our increasing strength. We are convinced that without Carol, we would be less mobile and less stable. She has made a world of difference for us!"


Eileen and Fred Schoelkopf, Pasadena

"I first met Carol Abney in July 2004. I was in a year long physical therapy program as a result of a car accident and doing Pilates drastically improved my healing process. Carol is attentive, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable in her Pilates instruction. She knew exactly what my body needed and was capable of handling, and soon became my favorite instructor. Despite how deceptively tough she can be, her open, honest personality gave me the encouragement I needed to work through my pain and get better. Today my body has healed and I'm basically my old self again. I owe so much to the thoughtful care and attention that Carol provided during our bi-weekly sessions together. I couldn't have done it without her. Anyone interested in doing Pilates should definitely do it with Carol - she's the best."

Yuki Sagara, Actress/Waiter, Hollywood

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